The First All-Natural Supplement Developed Especially For Women Who Care About Beauty

Luminus Hair Ensures That Your Hair 
Is More Soft, Shiny And Healthy, And Ensure For More Resistance Tresses And Enhance The Wire Accelerated Growth!

There are 9 incredible ingredients, chosen by pharmacists specialized in hair care! With the addition of the new asset in its composition, the results will be even more incredible and faster.

"I'm using 6 months and I'm loving the results, besides growing I got healthier hair, shiny and strong besides the fall that helped a lot! I'm a fan of the whole line <3"
Jéssica F. - Luminus Hair Customer

Luminus Is Supported by Celebrities & 
Social Media Influencers

How Can Luminus Hair Help You?

  • Nourishes and Moisturizes From The Inside Out
  • Prevents Falling and Breaking 
  • Strengthens Nails and Skin
  • ​Stimulates Collagen and Keratin Formation
  • ​Decreases Frizz Formation
  • ​Exclusive International Formula
  • ​Repairing Antioxidant Action
  • ​Reduces Wire  Porosity
  • ​Recommended For All Hair Types

These are just a handful of the incredible benefits that have been studied with the ingredients included in Luminus Hair. 

90-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Powered By Science. Formulated For You.

Powered By Science. Formulated For Your Hair & Nail

90-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!


Completely natural and formulated with the active ingredients Phitonitina and Methylsulfonylmethane, the Luminus Hair capsules have all the nutrients your hair needs to grow healthy, strong, shiny and up to three times faster. Its exclusive composition, imported from the United States, works by treating the hair from the inside out, ensuring that your hair is even more beautiful and nourished. And the best of all? It is not fattening, has no side effects, does not act on hormonal levels and has an unmistakable strawberry aroma.

HOW TO USE: Take one * capsule a day, after the first meal.
* We do not indicate that you exceed the daily usage recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Luminus Hair work with all hair types?
Yes! Luminus Hair is suitable for all types of hair, without exceptions.

Do you have contraindications?
The exclusive formula of Luminus Hair is 100% natural, composed only of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal medicines. Therefore, it has no contraindications! However, if you are PREGNANT , we recommend that you use it only under professional guidance
Does it have side effects?
Because it is a completely natural product, it does not cause side effects such as weight gain, acne or hair growth on other parts of the body.
Can treatment be done continuously?
Yes. Luminus Hair can be used for as long as you wish. With continuous use, the results are optimized.
If I take more than one capsule a day, will my hair grow any longer?
No. The recommended daily dose is just one capsule a day. The amount of capsules taken does not affect the speed of treatment.
Is it allowed by ANVISA?
Luminus Hair is a product exempt from registration according to RDC 27/2010 and RDC 240/2018 and is regulated in health surveillance according to the relevant legislation.

Our Story

From Our Family To Yours


The vitamin complex Luminus Hair originated in Brazil in 2015, and quickly became the #1 Hair & Nails supplement, due to its exclusive formula rich in important nutrients for the hair, such as zinc, thiamine, biotin, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and pantothenic acid.

Acting from the inside out, the famous pink capsules have 100% natural ingredients that do not cause side effects, and provide visible results already during the first weeks of use, being indicated for all types of hair.

Luminus Hair, has as its main benefit the accelerated growth of hair strands up to 3x faster than normal, as well as combat the hair loss, give shine and promote deep and intense nutrition. With its high vitamin power, the capsules also benefit the nails, which become much stronger, reducing the peeling and breaking.

90-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

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